Sunday, February 13, 2011


Click picture for larger view | From Mats
1981: When I was a bartender at the Terminal Bar, this fool used to look in the window all the time, like that. And I said (to myself) I'm gonna get his picture one day, and sure enough he came to the window and I went over and shot his picture. He was just this wild thing that was out there and I saw him for quite a few years. He was around a long time and he was surviving out there on the streets. But he couldn’t come in, no way, I'd just tell him to get the fuck out...and when Jersey (the bartender) was there, I didn’t have to do anything. Jersey would just stand in the back and yell "get the fuck outta here." I mean, it would take only a second. If the guy didn’t move, Jersey would come on out...(end of story).

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